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Rita GLOW Run

The Rita Glow Run is a fun run open to runners, walkers, stroller pushers, spectators, ice cream eaters and showchoir supporters.
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Random Acts of Kindness Week

Last week PHHS celebrated Random Acts of Kindness Week. Teachers were able to nominate students they witness displaying kindness. Students received recognition for being kind to others. Examples of their kind acts included picking up trash around school, helping other students with their school work, being kind and welcoming to all students even if they are not in their friend group, lending school supplies, and leaving kind notes for teachers. Students nominated were Abby Ring, Alexiea Werner, Anthony Stewart, Blaise Jackson, Cydney Metzger, Emma Marshall, Jenna Avery, Joey Mazy Franks, Keyara Halstead, Libby Johnson, Madison Blevins, Marianne Riley, Mason Richardson, Mason Winfree (Smith), Nadia Huffman, Parker Elkins, Ramsey Kohler, Sarah Morris, Sofia Abney, and William Markham. (Picture attached)

Students also had the opportunity to nominate staff member for displaying kindness in the building as well. Mr Bloom, Mrs. Book, Mrs.Bruno, Mrs. Geist, Ms. Janis, Mrs. Kemerling, Mrs. Monath, Mrs. Purnell, Henry Saubers, Leanna Shipley, Mr. Schoenherr were all nominated for various reasons. Examples include always smiling and being polite while cleaning the school, greeting students by name in the lunch room, being available to listen to students, making students feel welcomed, working with students before or after school hours, and helping students study for tests before school even if it is not for their class.
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On February 5, FBLA districts were held. Receiving a 5th place medal in Agribusiness was Hannah Glass and a 4th place medal in Business Communications was Leshay Dryer. Both qualify to compete at the Missouri FBLA State Conference in Springfield.

On February 13, DECA districts were held. Pleasant Hill DECA members received many awards.
Joshua Anderson placed 3rd in Principle of Finance
Leshay Dryer placed 5th in Accounting Applications
Hannah Glass placed 6th in Retail Merchandising
Leshay Dryer and Hannah Glass place 4th in Business Law and Ethics Team Decision Making
Jayden Reyes placed 3rd in Human Resource Management and 3rd place in Hospitality and Tourism Professional Selling
Colin Paris placed 2nd in Marketing Communications

Jayden Reyes and Colin Paris qualify to compete at the Missouri DECA State Conference in Kansas City.

Congratulations to all of them!!!
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