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Dear Parents and Students,
As the Principal of Pleasant Hill High School, I would like to welcome you to the PHHS Website.  This website has been designed as a resource to access school news and information.  It is my hope that you are able to become familiar with our school, its policies, and other procedures. 
The mission at Pleasant Hill High School is to prepare students for a variety of opportunities through a quality education.  The courses offered are designed to allow all students to achieve their post-secondary goals.  Our staff here at PHHS take great pride in creating professional relationships with students and encourage each child to work to his or her maximum ability. 
At PHHS, we believe that each student should have a positive high school experience.  A variety of clubs, organizations, and teams exist to allow every student to get involved and find their unique interest and talent.  PHHS offers award-winning musical programs, outstanding athletic teams, student centered clubs, entertaining drama, and successful academic groups that provide students with enriched learning experiences and the opportunity to develop lasting friendships. 
We are very fortunate to have a great school with outstanding students and teachers which is located in a supportive community.  Our focus is to work collaboratively so that each student is prepared for his or her future. 
On behalf of the faculty and staff, I wish each of you an exciting and productive school year. 
 Go Roosters and Chicks!
Paul Canaan, Ed. D.
Pleasant Hill High School Principal

Latest News

2018 Student Health and Safety Symposium

PHHS students participated in the 2018 Student Health and Safety Symposium on Thursday, April 19th. This was a student-lead event featuring HOSA and 3D members, with input from Mrs. Lewis' Psychology class. The goal of this event was to take a day for students to reflect on personal safety and their well-being before prom, summer break, and their transition to a different grade level or college. Multiple speakers and events were on the schedule for the day including a mock accident featuring our own students with help from many outside agencies including, Pleasant Hill Fire and Rescue, Pleasant Hill Police Department, and Life Flight.

Honors Geometry

Honors Geometry students have been writing and graphing equations of circles outside on the front sidewalk of the high school. Students used nontraditional measuring units to determine the center and radius of their circles. They completed circle constructions using string and found the equations of the flagpole and friendship circles. Moving class outside gave the class a change of scenery and made learning a new concept fun for the whole class. It also provided an opportunity for students to work together and support each other through the learning process.
Honors Geometry

BMW PResentation to PHHS Business Class

On Thursday, March 29, Mr. Jeff Wallace, BMW Kansas City-St. Louis Area Manager, came in to speak to Mr. Holt’s Business Management & Leadership in the Workplace classes. Mr. Wallace spoke on real world examples of classroom topics such as; organizational structures, management & leadership styles with an emphasis in servant leadership and coaching, career paths and steps to those various paths, and daily responsibilities of managers in his career. Thanks, Mr. Wallace!
BMW Business Presentation

Government Class - Civil Rights Project

Teams of students in Mr. Woodson's government classes researched examples of direct action taken during the Civil Rights Movement in order to create a "Gallery of Action." Each student then used their classmates' posters to complete a scavenger hunt where they explored the importance of and history behind the fight for civil rights in the United States.
Civil Rights